Top Gear TRACKSTER Sunglasses

Are you the type of person who gets a shiver down your spine when you see the words, “Track Day” on your calendar? Do you get a bit weak in the knees when you hear someone mention a “Drivers Meeting”? Does the phrase “five-point-safety-harness” make you smile uncontrollably? We’ve built these sunglasses just for you. Spending time on the track is the ultimate reward for any driver. No people carriers slowing down the left lane. No speed traps. No camper vans with incessant, meaningless turn signals. Just you, your car, and the track. We’ve designed the Top Gear Trackster as the ultimate accessory for your next track day, or any time you’re behind the wheel dreaming of your next track day. Advanced lens technology we stole borrowed from original NASA optic technology that filters out harmful UV rays and blue light that’s trying to damage your retina, while letting in the filtered light that helps you see every chicane, straightaway and hairpin in perfect clarity. Curved lenses in an ultralight rimless style offer increased coverage and protection, while the thin, wraparound flexible temples give better peripheral vison and a snug fit that keeps you comfortable through all 24-hours of LeMans, or your next cross-country excursion. A new pair of Tracksters just might be the only way you could possibly make your next track day, or road trip, even better.
  • Style: Rimless Wrap
  • Frame Material: Swiss-Engineered High Performance TR-90 Polymer with Silicone temple inserts
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Lens Technologies: TriLenium7 Polarized, 2x Scratch Guard, Hydroleophobic Coating, Flash Mirror Coating