Reebok Pump Instapump Digital Men's Chrono Watch Blue Green and Fuschia Purple RC-PIP-G9-PFPL-WB

0.4 lb

In 1994, 5 years after the launch of the original Pump, Reebok launched the Reebok InstaPump. Using the same pump-up technology yet with an even more striking and laceless design, the InstaPump took the world of sneakers by storm. Making a strong comeback, the InstaPump in limited colour editions is now a sought-after item among sneaker heads. The Reebok InstaPump watch is taking direct design inspiration from the iconic InstaPump Fury shoe. The Pump button at 6 o’clock is smaller and rounder, just like on the original shoe. The Logo on the strap above the 12 o’clock position is encased in a raised silicone bridge, inspired by the design details on the tongue of the shoe. The pump-up display, accessed via the InstaPump button, lets you pump up the digits of your watch display. Equally handy, in the chronograph function, the chronograph can be started and stopped by the frontal Pump button. No more fumbling for the buttons on the side. Housed in a 42mm case with contrasting bezel, the InstaPump sports the iconic Hexalite inspired 3D moulded honeycomb pattern on the double-injection silicone strap. Water resistant up to 50 meters, the InstaPump is a stylish companion with serious cult-potential, just like its inspiration, the iconic InstaPump sneaker.