BERING Unisex Analogue Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

1.4 lb
$169.15 $199.00
Size: 7020-6smd-39mm
Color: Blue

Product Description

Modern Minimalism

Slim Classic Collection

Classic, pure, yet exciting. Perfect style combined with contemporary minimalism. Inspired by Danish design, the CLASSIC COLLECTION represents a unique timepiece, perfectly highlights your daily style.

The cool look of the stainless steel and the puristic and clear line of the BERING watch design complement each other ideally and ensures a glittering appearance. The elegant BERING look is achieved with a finely brushed or highly polished stainless steel surface.

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  1. BERING Philosophy

    Timelessly beautiful and long-lasting like the icy landscapes of the Arctic, BERING uniquely blends minimalist Danish design with strong, high-quality materials.

  2. Inspired by arctic beauty

    Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic, the style of the BERING watch and jewelry collection is characterised by clear, streamlined forms and pure elegance.

  3. Our Products

    BERING products are made from first-class materials, which have durability and are in perfect harmony with the timeless design.

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Sapphire crystal: scratch-resistant through time

Sapphire crystal - the hardest glass

Our sapphire crystal is the third hardest transparent material after moissanite and diamonds. A particularly crystal-clear, hard and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures an unrestricted view of your BERING dial. All BERING watches are equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Mineral glass - the standard glass

Mineral glass is also a crystal glass, but with a structure similar to that of a rock crystal. It is a common material in the watch sector, but it is less resistant and more susceptible to scratching. BERING only uses sapphire glass in its timepieces and no mineral glass.

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